Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law

Corporate law is our core area of expertise. Our activity ranges from the incorporation of a company to continuous legal support in performing daily tasks. We support restructuring and reorganization of the companies under the Company law, whereby our lawyers were involved in the most significant M&A transactions in Montenegro. In the event of a shareholder dispute, we represent the client in court and out of court procedures. In addition, we advise managing directors, board members and managers on all questions concerning their liabilities and the position of company’s bodies.

Real Estate and Construction Law

As the field of real estate and construction law is more than ever a main component of entrepreneurial success in Montenegro, whether for one’s own residential use, as a business premises or as an investment, our lawyers understand client’s needs, ideas, requirements and expectations and provide them with tailor-made legal solutions. We manage and advise on construction planning documentation, construction requirements and construction joint venture agreements from the beginning of the project all through the final sale of construction units. Our area of expertise includes real estate purchases and sales, private and commercial transactions, including structuring of real estate assets in companies.

Employment Law

We represent the interests of employers and employees, both out of court and in court procedures. We advise employers on drafting detailed employment agreements that precisely define the rights and obligations of the parties. If the employer plans terminating the employment agreement, we check the effectiveness of the termination andalso advise on questions of a possible severance payment.

Competition Law

Our lawyers are specialized in competition and/or regulatory work. This includes having experience in merger clearance which include several countries and complex regulatory legal advice.

Banking and Capital Market Law

We advise in relation to the banking regulatory requirements, loan security, payment transaction, bill of exchange, claim assignment agreements, as well as in the area of the loan repayment.

Data Protection Law

As data protection is an expanding area of law and there is a large scope of actions that companies need to fulfill to comply with the local legal regulations, we regularly advise our clients in this area of law.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our lawyers have many years of experience in protecting intellectual property rights, theyassist the clients in selecting, protecting, commercializing and defending intellectual property rights.

Dispute Resolution

Our expertise in dispute resolution covers all matters of commercial and civil disputes. The includes matters involving: contract and commercial law, negligence and tort law, commercial property and leases, debt and insolvency, intellectual property and data protection law, public and administrative law.


Our lawyers advise in all areas of taxation including income taxation of individuals and corporate and other business entities, estate and gift taxation, state and local taxation and tax incentives, and non-profit and tax-exempt entities.